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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to bring anything to the classes?
No, I provide all the mats and equipment for the weekly classes. However, I also hold occasional weekend workshops (usually Saturday mornings) in which I teach special exercises on stability balls. If you wish to attend any of these classes you will be asked to bring your own ball.

Is it suitable for those who are overweight?
Yes. Many people say that they feel increased self confidence through joining Pilates classes, as none of the exercises need to be modified to suit them.

What age group can do Pilates? Can men attend?
It is suitable for people of any age and both men and women.

I have a bad back will it be safe for me?
Depending on the nature of your problem. Sometimes I may suggest a one-to-one session first, to see whether a class is best for you, or whether you may be better to do some further one-to-one sessions before joining a class.