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About Us

Suzanne Pilates has three teachers and operates classes in two locations in Wimbledon & Kingston-Upon-Thames.

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About Pilates

Pilates strengthens core muscles, tones the whole body, increases flexibility, and helps improve concentration.

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Classes and Venues

Our progressive classes are suitable for both men and women, beginners, intermediate and the more advanced.

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See our frequently asked questions and find out what our Pilates classes can do for you and your wellbeing.

Suzanne Arnold has over ten years experience as a fully qualified Pilates instructor and runs classes led by other Pilates instructors. The classes are in small groups and are mat based which means they are affordable. They are organised into short courses which usually follow school terms apart from the summer break in which most classes continue to run. Suzanne’s Pilates classes are suitable for most people regardless of age.